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About Us

Social Team Builder is a company built with YOU in Mind!

Our teachings and trainings are centered around the idea that EACH individual needs REAL systems to help them create their own brand voice and messaging... not a copy and paste outline that has worked for others that is packaged and sold to the masses as a quick fix. We aim to provide a framework for EACH member to create their very own Business Presence from the ground up.

Networking is Personal. Social Media was made for human to human social connection. And it is a FANTASTIC tool to use for Business IF you can learn how to adapt your business to suite the platform.

We teach never to CHASE a prospect, but instead to build a thriving and engaging platform to ATTRACT people to YOU!

Which means, YOU need to be YOU on Social Media! Or your business will suffer. 

We have been in Online marketing for a combined 20 years. We DO THIS STUFF every day for us and our clients. 

The end goal is to create a community of COMPETENT, PROFESSIONAL, and ABLE Online Business owners who have the tools to succeed all on their own in the ever changing landscape of Social Media Marketing.


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